Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Taman Hiburan Pelik Di Dunia

Tempat Taman Hiburan Yang Aneh Di Dunia.
Tidak ramai orang suka ke tempat lawatan yang aneh dan pelik tetapi ia akan membuatkan rasa ingin tahu anda untuk pergi ke sini dan lihat sendiri tentang mengapa tempat ini dibina. 
Banyak taman hiburan yang pelik di dunia ini yang akan menarik perhatian anda untuk melawat seperti di dalam gambar dibawah.

 Ocean Dome (Japan)
(kalau pantai macam ni, gerenti takde jerung & tak mati lemas kita)

Alien Apex Resort
  Grutas Park

Korean Love Land

Suoi Tien Park

Do you agree with Human Cloning?

Human cloning is against the nature of God creation in making a human that similar to human that created by God. In fact, it is not similar at all because god created a perfect human being and a human clone maybe has a similar look but it has many difference and lack of many things that a true human being had. 

        There are many risks when doing a human cloning. Scientist already made an animal cloning that is a sheep named Dolly. At first, they think that they already made a successful animal clone but after a few months, Dolly started to become sick as it does not has an antibody that can prevent it from getting sick. This shows that human creation can not be as perfect as God creation and it will only make things become worse if trying to create something that God created. This happen to a sheep and how about if the scientist do a human cloning? How many more human clone that will die? Of course we do not want to see this happen as they also a human and they deserve to live healthily like other human not as an experiment. It is really cruel to do human cloning.

        In term of genetic, the world will lack of genetic diversity. As we know, when a baby was born, the baby has its own genetic that contains the father and mother genetic together. In other hand, a human clone will have a perfect genetic as it will improve by the scientist from time to time but the genetic will remain the same. A genius child usually have parent that is intelligent but still have feelings. But, a genius clone may be created but we can not sure it will have feelings just like a true human being. We can not predict what will happen if a genius clone was able to be created and it is not impossible if the genius clone will destroy the world with his intelligent such as creating a nuclear that can destroy the whole universe. Who knows?

        We know that a human clone will has a similar look and behavior as the genetic was taken from a person to be clone. What will happen if the person that been clone is a criminal? How many criminal will be created? I am sure that we can not live peacefully as now and many police will be needed to make sure our safety. Even now, we did not feel safe enough and this condition will become even worse until we will think we want to die. Can you imagine a country that full with blood and police can not predict who is the murderer as all human clones just look alike?

        As a conclusion, human cloning should not be allowed as it challenging God power and have many bad effects. There are many more ways to improve human’s health than doing human cloning. Therefore, I strongly disagree with human cloning because of the risk, genetic and safety.