Tuesday, December 24, 2013

9 sign of hormonal imbalance and how to fix it

edited by Stephenie Dawson.

Hormones work as chemical messengers in our body. We go through hormonal changes from birth to death. They cause changes in our bodies over time including :
   1. Reproduction
   2. Growth & development
   3. Metabolism
   4. Mood
   5. Sexual Function

If your hormone are imbalanced it can destroy your health even if your diet is optimized. Knowing if your are suffering of hormonal imbalance are important. Here are some signs that may indicate hormonal imbalanced and how to fix it.

Gaining weight persistently
 - your weight are increase consistently despite a healthy diet and appropriate physical activities.
 - can be due to unaddressed or emerging insulin resistance.
 - can fix it by avoiding processed food, sugar and wheat in your diet.

 - having difficulty sleeping
 - try to optimize your sleep and take antioxidant
 - include lean protein in dinner, exercise and yoga to improve your sleep

Chronic Stress
 - depletes adrenal function with leads to low level of progesterone and other hormone.
 - try to work on becoming stress free
 - healthy diet and changing your environment to reduce stress

 - you are have night sweat and hot flashes.
 - write down your routine, what you eat & drink, how you feel, what kind of emotion cause your temperature rise. work on these area next time when you get hot flashes.

 - eating abnormal or you still hungry after eating. due to hormonal imbalance like adrenal fatigue or insulin resistance
 - to fix : eliminating sugar, diary/wheat product and alcohol to control your craving & improve digestion.

 - feeling depress and dejected (mean you are not feeding your body what its needs)
 - listen to your inner self and treat your body in a good way with a healthy diet and proper nutrien

 - tired by the end of first half?, feeling sluggish while working?
 - to fix : proper diet enriched with nutrients & eliminating wheat and grain may help stabilize blood sugar.

Low libido
 - happen due to lack of sound sleep, its diminishes sex hormone
 -  to fix : work on your sleeping habits and optimize your sleep.

Digestion problem
 - slow digestion and gastric problem
 - to fix : changing your diet with eating health food

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